Services & Pricing

I offer a variety of fixed-rate services, so my clients never have to worry about the project costing more than expected. Here is how I can help you:

  1. Get instant help – free, one-off conversation
  2. Convert visitors faster – Marketing Website Review
  3. Get structured advice – 1:1 Coaching for entrepreneurs
  4. Identify growth opportunities – Product Demand Sprint
  5. Design and implement a growth strategy – Contract work

Consultancy Services

I’d like to share what I do with others and am available for interviews and speaking engagements (individual presentation and panel discussions) at e.g. company meetings, meetup events or conferences. I am passionate and knowledgeable about these topics:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation (theories, methodologies and their practical application)
  • Specifically:
    • Applying customer-centred innovation theories such as Jobs to be Done and Lean Startup to existing and new products and services of large and small businesses
    • Implementing corporate innovation programmes such as acceleration and incubation programmes or ‘skunkworks teams’ and Innovation Labs.

Check out my dedicated ‘interview page‘ or contact me directly if you would like to discuss a speaking engagement with me. 

Get instant help – free, one-off conversation

Do you have a project or business idea that you want to get started with but don’t know how? Or do you have a business already but feel stuck or lost because you have a specific problem that you are struggling with?

Why not talk about your project or business challenge with me? I am offering you a free 30mins call where I will be asking you a set of simple questions and provide constructive feedback to get you started with your idea or unstuck with your current problem.

Schedule a free 30mins call

Convert visitors faster – Marketing Website Review

Starting at 179€ + VAT* for a written review and at 349€ + VAT* for a live review + recording, depending on the size and complexity of your website

Are your website visitors not converting to as many leads or customers as you would like?

Visitors to your website have very short attention spans. Most likely, they landed on your site from a Google search because they were looking for a solution that would help them with a particular struggle that they are having right now.

To turn website visitors into paying customers, you need to have compelling messaging, supporting visuals and valuable content that reduce your visitors’ anxieties about your product or services (which they may have never heard of until now) and that show them that your product or service is right for them.

With my Marketing Website Review, you will get actionable recommendations on how to improve your messaging, visuals and content as well as usability tips. These are based on my insight and experience as a Product Leader who has built several high volume B2C and B2B websites for various industries (travel, gambling, education, sports) as well as an Innovation Specialist who has conducted several in-depth, qualitative research studies with consumers and businesses using online products.

For an example of a Marketing website review, see this post.

Enquire about a website review

After you have contacted me, I will email you a short questionnaire and instructions on how to pay. Once you have paid and returned the questionnaire to me, I will then send you my review in writing. For live reviews, I will email you a short questionnaire before our call and then arrange a time for us to talk.

Get structured advice – 1:1 Coaching for entrepreneurs

Starting at 650€ / month + VAT *

Are you exploring a new business idea and would like to learn fast whether it is viable? Or do you feel that your existing business isn’t growing as you would like and you are not sure how you can change that?

There is a lot of information out there on coaching but you are wondering what is the best way to apply it to your business and where you should start. You have done some reading and know what to do but you are feeling stuck on how to implement what you have read and change your business.

I can help you with moving your new idea or business in the right direction. With my 1:1 coaching, you have direct access to me at pre-arranged times either in-person or via video conferencing and through our private Slack channel when you need it.

In our regular 1:1 conversations, I will provide you with actionable feedback and recommendations as well as structured activities for your week ahead, personalised to your situation, to help you overcome your struggles and accelerate your progress towards your goals.

When we work together, you benefit from my knowledge and experience as a Coach, Innovator and seasoned Product Leader who has worked on consumer and business products in various industries in both small and large companies.

Enquire about 1:1 coaching

After you have contacted me, I will follow-up by email with a few questions about you, your motivations, current objectives for and challenges with your business idea or startup. We will then set up a time for us to talk.

Please note that the price above is for coaching for up to 8 hours/month. If you would like more time with me, let me know, and we can discuss a suitable engagement and price.

Identify growth opportunities – Product Demand Sprint

Are your revenues stagnating? Are prospects not converting into customers, or worse, are existing customers churning and you don’t know why? Are you looking for new revenue growth opportunities?

If this is you, a Product Demand Sprint will help. It is a Jobs to be Done-based research project (JTBD) that will help you understand how demand for your product is created, diminishes and goes away, i.e. you will know why your customers buy and use your product or stopped using it. After the research project, you and your team will be able to:

  • Make better decisions about what features to build, improve or kill to help your customers make progress and thus reduce churn
  • Find new market opportunities that will generate new revenues and help further differentiate your company from competitors
  • Create compelling copy for your marketing and advertising campaigns by speaking directly to what your customers value which will help with acquiring new customers
  • Have better conversations with your customers who will feel appreciated and understood which will help with creating loyal customers
  • Feel more confident in your abilities as an entrepreneur, founder, C-level Product, Marketing or Sales Executive, Product or Marketing and Sales Manager to build, market and sell products that customers will buy and use

I offer 2 sprint options:

Option 1: 1-day Introductory Sprint

Starting at 5,750€ + VAT* per project (an engagement over 1 full day for up to 10 participants)

This 1-day sprint is designed to introduce a group of up to 10 participants to Jobs to be Done thinking through engaging lectures and hands-on experience creating insight. It will help individuals and teams become familiar with Jobs to be Done theory and the methods associated with it.

The workshop offers a combination of lectures, a live interview and hands-on data modelling. I will also give examples of how other companies have applied Jobs to be Done insights to create growth. By the end of the day, your team will be excited and equipped to begin gathering and applying Jobs to be Done research in order to gain actionable insights.

The workshop is designed to help teams understand:

  • What Job to be Done theory is
  • How they can uncover or design customers’ Jobs to be Done
  • What data we need
  • How we go about gathering those data
  • After we obtained JTBD data, how we model them so the insights are applicable for Product, Marketing, and Management teams
  • How they can use this data to find growth opportunities and design products that customers will buy

Option 2: Full Product Demand Sprint

Starting at 16,750€ + VAT* per project (typically, an engagement over 4 weeks, remote and on-site)

The Full Product Demand Sprint is for teams and organisations who seek actionable insights to support long-term revenue growth. They have a strong desire to understand their customers and want to be able to make changes to their existing product(s) or service(s) and identify new market opportunities that will drive growth.

I will work with your cross-functional team to help them become creators of insight. This insight data will help fuel growth and alignment across your company. We will conduct a full Jobs to be Done research project together in order for the team to gain the skills needed to gather data, model those data and discover market insights.

A typical Sprint outline is as follows:

    1. Preparation phase (week 1, onsite and remote):
      • Define the challenge for the sprint (growth, churn, org alignment etc.) and what success will look like
      • Assemble a cross-functional team
      • Recruit up to 15 interviewees
      • Schedule interviews
      • Introductory Jobs to be Done workshop (onsite)
    2. Interview & synthesis phase (weeks 2 & 3, onsite or remote):
      • Conduct up to 15 customer interviews (45mins each) together with the cross-functional team
      • Model and code interview debriefs into “Demand Profiles” together with the cross-functional team
      • Distil Demand Profiles into a “Job Spec” (Job Hypotheses) together with the cross-functional team
    3. Job Hypotheses testing (week 4)
      • Verify or deny the Job Hypotheses with the interviewees and then with a larger samples sizes, so we can make inferences about the customer population
    4. Discussion & next steps (week 4):
      • Discuss what the insights mean to the team and the organisation, e.g. which features could you build, improve or kill or what new product opportunities arise that will help customers realise their desired progress? What changes can be made to your Marketing messaging and to your Sales conversations in order to acquire new customers? What business are we really in?
      • The team creates and assigns themselves actions they are going to do next

After a sprint project, I will be available to help you and your team, at an additional cost, as you work through feature development and testing, Marketing changes and the big decisions about “what comes next” for your product and organisation. I will also assist in hand-offs, do follow-up presentations and Q&A sessions with other teams and individuals in-person or remotely.

Enquire about a research sprint

After you have contacted me, I will email you a short questionnaire with a few questions about you, your motivations, current objectives for and challenges with your product or service. We will then set up a time for us to talk.

Design and implement a growth strategy – Contract work (3 months minimum, onsite and remote)

Day rate starting at 650€ / day + VAT * – contact me for a quote for longer-term contract engagements

Over the course of the engagement, I will work closely with the Product, Marketing and Management teams to design and implement a growth strategy based on the Jobs to be Done research insights. I will build out the capability that will enable your team or organisation to conduct Jobs to be Done research alone.

This 3-month engagement entails:

  1. Understand the team’s / organisation’s challenges (growth, churn, org alignment etc.)
  2. Define what success will look like
  3. Introductory Jobs to be Done workshop
  4. Jobs to be Done research sprint with a cross-functional team (see “Product Demand Sprint” above)
  5. Job Hypotheses testing
  6. Ideate and test enablers (solutions)
  7. Train teams to gather and model the right data and apply ‘Jobs to be Done thinking’ to their daily work
  8. Coaching sessions to help foster skills

Enquire about contract work

After you have contacted me, I will email you a few questions about, e.g. your organisation, your strategic goals, your challenges as well as your customers and other stakeholders. We will then arrange a time for us to talk and see if a contract work engagement is right for you.


* Standard Portuguese VAT (“IVA”) will be charged where applicable. Travel expenses are not included in the prices listed.