interview microphoneWould you like to interview me? I love helping teach your audience of entrepreneurs, product creators or marketers about how to generate demand for their products and services and make better Product and Marketing decisions.

I have been interviewed by popular podcast hosts in the past and would love to be a guest on your podcast show or be interviewed for your blog or publication.

Here are two interviews that I have done recently:

I am also available for speaking engagements, either individual presentations or panel discussions, at your company meeting, meetup event or conference. I am particularly passionate and knowledgeable about these topics:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation (theories, methodologies and their practical application)
  • Specifically:
    • Applying customer-centred innovation theories such as Jobs to be Done and methodologies such as Lean Startup to existing and new products and services of large and small businesses
    • Implementing corporate innovation programmes such as acceleration and incubation programmes or ‘skunkworks teams’ and Innovation Labs.

Request an interview

Regardless of the size of your audience, I would be very happy to help them to make progress towards their goals.

I have put together a short process for us to follow to make sure that your request gets the attention that it deserves and that we can connect and both benefit from this activity.

    1. First, reach out to me using my contact form (see link below). Simply fill out the four required fields. Please state the nature of your request in the “Subject” field, e.g. “Podcast interview” or “Speaking engagement”.
    2. Once I have received your request, I will contact you to get more information about your audience, your goals for our conversation, and what topics your audience would like to hear us discuss.
    3. Then, we will schedule a time for us to record the interview.
    4. Finally, once the interview has been approved by both of us and is ready to go live, we will coordinate the promotion, i.e. share the interview with our audiences through our respective social media channels, websites and email lists.

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