Case Study: Culture Trip – making better product development and marketing decisions

The following is a short case study on how Culture Trip, one of my clients, used the insights gained from Jobs to be Done research to make better product development and marketing decisions. When Alan Vanstone, Director of Product at Culture Trip, a growing travel startup with offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv, […]

Creating happy customers through Jobs to be Done thinking

Ultimately, every company exists to serve its customers. Enabling your customers to make progress Focussing on helping your customers become more successful at using your product is crucial if you want to build products that customers will buy and use. This is because your customers define the value of your product to them by measuring the progress they are […]

Lean Startup is a discovery journey

As someone who cares deeply about Lean Startup and actively tries to help drive its adoption in companies of all sizes through hands-on teaching, I often hear “We have done a Business Model Canvas” or “We have talked to our customers”. When digging deeper though, I quickly uncover that these were mostly one-off activities instead […]

Announcing the Lisbon Lean Startup Practitioners Meetup group

I am proud to announce the launch of the Lisbon Lean Startup Practitioners Meetup! This is a free group for seasoned and aspiring practitioners of Lean Startup or those who have a firm interest in applying Lean Startup in their startup, scale-up or a corporate team. The primary aim of this group is to come together once a […]