You are in the Growth business!

Changing your focus from delivering product features to delivering customer growth (progress) to increase revenues. I recently conducted two Customer Jobs* research projects for companies selling SaaS products to small and large businesses. What I have come to realise – and want to advocate here – is: B2B companies are in the “Growth business”, i.e. […]

Creating happy customers with Jobs-To-Be-Done

Ultimately, every company exists to serve its customers. Focussing on helping your customers become more successful at using your product is crucial if you want to build products that customers will buy and use. This is because your customers define the value of your product to them by measuring the progress they are able to make with it. If […]

What Jobs-To-Be-Done taught me about our users, our product and our company

  If you want to understand why your customers buy and use your product or why they don’t, I strongly recommend Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD), a theory of customer motivation. Alan Klement’s “When Coffee and Kale Compete” (available for free as pdf) is an excellent primer on theory of JTBD. Besides the theory, “JTBD” also describes what […]

Helping a startup to become better at developing and marketing their product

I am currently the Chief Product Officer at Shaperbuddy, a local startup in Portugal, that helps their customers around the globe become better surfboard manufacturers. The team have been building a cloud-based software platform that, functionally, enables their customers run their businesses effectively, from surfboard order and production management, to customer relationship and invoicing and accounting. I am […]