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My background: My name is Rene Bastijans and I am a Product Leader, Innovator and Coach. I help software companies become great at creating demand for their existing and new products or services by practically applying proven, customer-centred product discovery and innovation theories and frameworks such as Jobs-to be Done and Lean Startup to their projects, products and businesses.

My clients range from entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and CMOs to Corporate Innovation, Product Managers and Marketing Managers to Programme Managers of Accelerators and Incubators. They hire me for workshops, hands-on coaching sessions and contract or project-based work. For a full range of my services and their pricing, visit my Services & Pricing page.

Besides my coaching and consulting business, I actively mentor early and later-stage startups participating in Acceleration and pre-Acceleration programmes such as Startup Porto AcceleratorSmart Open LisboaLisbon Challenge and Beta-start run by organisations for entrepreneurship and innovation such as Beta-i in Lisbon and ANJE in Porto, Portugal. I am also the organiser and host of the monthly Lisbon Lean Startup Practitioners and Lisbon Jobs to be Done meetup groups where I teach members how to apply Lean Startup and Jobs to be Done thinking

I am a keen advocate of Jobs to be Done (Jobs-as-Progress) and Lean Startup and I want to help accelerate the adoption and practical application of these theories and methodologies across the entire ecosystem of startups, businesses, accelerators and incubators, investors and corporations. When working with clients, my goal is to teach them the strategies and principles of Jobs to be Done and Lean Startup, so they can make more informed decisions about their projects, products and businesses that are based on understanding customer motivations and struggles and finding concrete evidence.

You can learn more about my educational and professional background on LinkedIn and read what I think about on twitter and Medium.