Build and sell products customers will buy

Hi! I am Rene. I help SaaS businesses build and sell products customers will buy.Profile picture Rene Bastijans

Typically, my clients’ are struggling with:

  • Increasing revenues
  • Converting more leads to paying customers
  • Reducing or preventing customer churn
  • Managing their ever-growing product backlog
  • Creating and generating demand for new products or innovative solutions
  • Aligning their team(s) or departments with regards to the company’s vision and mission

If you are experiencing the above struggles, then you are in the right place. When working with me, you will gain insights that will show you what changes you can make to your product, your marketing and your sales strategies that will help you overcome your struggles.

My clients can benefit from simple services like a Marketing website review to regular 1:1 coaching and a research-led Product Strategy Project. Services range from 149.00€ to 3,500€+, depending on the scope of work. All of my services are fixed-rate, so my clients never have to worry about the project costing more than expected.

Interested in working with me? Schedule a free call, email me or check out my Services & Pricing page for more information on how I can help you.

Who I have worked with:


What my clients say:

I hired Rene to get clarity and alignment on the next growth stage for our product and company. Thanks to his research, we now understand why our customers buy and use our product and support services, and we will use this new knowledge to improve our decision-making about our Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Content creation efforts.

João F. Rodrigues, Founder & CEO at SABE Extend

Rene provided practical advice and simple tools to help me understand my customer segment and competition which gave me a much clearer idea of which direction to take my business in. It has been really helpful to have Rene to “spar with” every week. I would have an idea and Rene was able to give me pointers on how to realize it. I now have more clarity about my business.

Camilla Ravn, Designer at Raven’s Crochet

At ANJE’s Startup Porto Accelerator, we were fortunate to have Rene’s guidance, with his invaluable expertise in Lean Startup and Experiment Design. His work with our startup teams was inspiring, challenging them to reach further and to achieve a better real-life approach to their projects.

Pedro João, Member of the Startup Porto Accelerator Advisory Board

Rene’s advice has been eye-opening. Up until recently, I always thought of digital ways to test or promote my ideas. Rene changed my thinking by helping me understand that there are faster, “leaner” ways to do this that don’t require to build anything. I am taking his advice on board and am now looking to manually deliver my service and make a pre-sale in order to validate my solution before building out the product.

Mariana Gomes, Founder Flatcrasher and Startup Porto Accelerator participant