Helping you make progress

Hi! I am Rene. I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs make progress.Profile picture Rene Bastijans

Are you…

  • a startup founder who feels stuck because your startup isn’t growing as you would like and you are not sure why that is and how you can change that?
  • an Innovation Manager or Leader in a larger corporation wanting to spark innovation within your company?
  • a CEO or Programme Manager of an Accelerator or Incubator looking to create successful businesses out of the startups in your cohort?

If you are one of the above, then you are in the right place. I help you get clarity and focus. With my help, you, your employees or the startups in your programme will:

  • Learn fast whether a business idea or innovation project is worth pursuing through the practical application of innovation theories and their tools and techniques 
  • Be able to make decisions about the direction you/they want to take the business idea or innovation project in, based on actual evidence and facts gained through customer and market research and experimentation
  • Learn how to find, contact and speak to customers to uncover their struggles, motivations and aspirations which are fundamental to knowing how to build and sell products and services customers will buy
  • Be able to define a value proposition that speaks directly to the struggles, anxieties and values of the customers and helps them understand how their lives will change for the better once they have used the new product or service
  • Learn new skills and become confident in your/their abilities as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur in a large organisation.

Interested in working with me? Check out my Services & Pricing page for more information on how I can help you.

Who I have worked with:


What my clients say:

I hired René to get clarity and alignment on the next growth stage for our product and company. Thanks to his research, we now understand why our customers buy and use our product and support services, and we will use this new knowledge to improve our decision making about our Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Content creation efforts.
João F. Rodrigues, Founder & CEO at SABE Extend


At ANJE’s Startup Porto Accelerator, we were fortunate to have Rene’s guidance, with his invaluable expertise in Lean Startup and Experiment Design. His work with our startup teams was inspiring, challenging them to reach further and to achieve a better real life approach to their projects.

Pedro João, Member of the Startup Porto Accelerator Advisory Board

Rene’s advice has been eye opening. Up until recently, I always thought of digital ways to test or promote my ideas. Rene changed my thinking by helping me understand that there are faster, “leaner” ways to do this that don’t require to build anything. I am taking his advice on board and am now looking to manually deliver my service and make a pre-sale in order to validate my solution before building out the product.

Mariana Gomes, Founder Flatcrasher and Startup Porto Accelerator participant